Mosa Kambule as
Starring in a series of successful local short films and apprearing on Season 5 of Line of Duty, Mosa has found great success in the commercial space. He has been the face of local and global advertising campaigns.
Mosa is currently studying at Identity School of Acting in London and has his sights set on leading feature films and TV shows as well as the continuation of his own personal writing projects.
Katie Shortt as
Katie has maintained a lifelong passion for the stage, starring in amateur productions of Company at the Grand Opera House and Chicago at the Theatre at the Mill. Previously studying in the Lyric Theatre’s Drama Studio program, Katie currently studies Acting at Leeds Conservatoire.
Katie is currently pursuing screen and stage opportunities as well as her own writing projects and collaborations.
Lloyd Edgar
Lloyd Edgar is an up-and-coming director with the ambition to tell stories that resonate. He works as a commercial videographer and motion graphics designer at Strike Team Media and works across the world in places such as Los Angeles, Kansas, Boston, Berlin and more.
Lloyd hopes to make a name for himself in the film industry locally and further afield with What We Left Behind and his subsequent projects.
John Reavey
Director of Photography
A graduate of Ravensbourne University and a multi-award-winning director, John Reavey’s career began with a major success in ‘Why Are There No Openly Gay Footballers?’, winning best Documentary at Barnes Film Festival.
In late 2019, the gofundme for John’s next film would become a runaway success. ‘Reavey Brothers’ would shoot in September 2020 and is set to have a very successful year in festivals.
Ryan caught the production’s attention with his debut album, 2019’s ‘The Things My Mirror Taught Me’. To date, the album has over 200,000 streams on Spotify and has garnered critical acclaim across the world.
Towards the end of 2020 Ryan released his follow-up EP ‘Blueprints’ to all major streaming platforms and continues to work on new projects.
April Rose
Art Director
April is a self-pronounced house plant expert and lover of all things caffeinated. Potentially the hardest working person on set, April brought the story to life with the sets she built.
One of the biggest challenges for April was the University dorm location shifting in look over time between scenes. This transition was slow and deliberate to reinforce the progression of the characters in the story.
Amelia Jean
Audio Post-Production
Amelia recently graduated from Ravensbourne University where she fell in love with the world of sound design.
Working on What We Left Behind has allowed her to progress with her sound editing and delve deeper into the sonic side of filmmaking. She is currently working on a number of projects set to be released later this year.

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